As of December 2010, over 1,300 students have completed the Project Baobab program. Of those, over 350 have been awarded micro-grants of $100 each.

To support our graduates directly. This is a new site that gives you the opportunity to support Project Baobab graduates and their businesses directly.

In an independent study conducted by the United States International University, they reported the following impacts:

On the Entrepreneurs:

. The program assisted them in acquiring and developing self-reliance.
. They developed self-discipline regarding time and personal management.
. They developed positive attitudes towards life and self-employment as a viable alternative.
. Changed the lifestyles of those who made immediate use of the funds – have become more motivated and confident.

On the Teachers:

. Acquired extra skills in entre- and intra-preneurship. Some have gone into business as a result.
. Brought in a sense of “self-fulfillment” through assisting the needy students.
. Motivated to widen their knowledge and skills beyond the Ministry of Education programs.
. Given new vision and made them more responsible and hard working.

On the Community (including parents):

. Parents are more aware of alternatives for self-reliance available to their daughters (and sons).
. Changed their attitudes towards assisting young women by being more supportive. A level of trust was developed.
. Though a small section has been reached, the community at large appears quite positive about the project.
. Attitudes are changing towards the role of young women.