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Project Baobab's vision is to educate and empower Kenyan youth to become successful entrepreneurs.

Project Baobab provides entrepreneurial education and grants to youth, especially women, through a specialized life skills and business curriculum in Kenya, a country of 40% unemployment with 58% of the people living below a $2 a day. Upon graduation, our students present their business plans, and compete for a $100 grant to fund their business idea.

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Since 2001, Project Baobab has educated over 1000 students and funded approximately 300 new business ventures.

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One of our graduates, Jennifer Shukuru, writes this about her experience of Project Baobab,

"Am doing well here in Kenya and am happily running my business . . . we are becoming big business ladies and now everybody is happy about our Project Baobab. My parents are appreciating how Baobab has moulded me to be a very important person in my community. I now have an ambition of being a very great person."

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